My Sister Abroad Doesn’t Reply My Messages Anymore.



I have a stepsister living abroad, the daughter of my mom. She’s been there since childhood, raised by her father, and has become independent.

Despite the physical distance, she has been supportive, particularly to my mom. Although she occasionally sends money to my mom, it’s never quite enough for her.

I share a unique bond with her; we’ve always been close, even during her visit. The last time she sent me money was during my 100 level when things were tough. However, my focus shifted from financial help to maintaining a connection with her.

Recently, I noticed a change. Since July, she has been snubbing my messages, a puzzling behavior considering I don’t seek financial assistance. I’ve made it a point to check on her regularly, something she mentioned our mom doesn’t do. At my level now if she needs money I can even send for her but her recent attitude has totally changed my mind towards her. I’m contemplating blocking her and ending contact, as it seems that’s what she wants.

It’s a challenging situation, and I’m curious if anyone here has experienced anything similar.


  1. Kalo suka main-main sama link dan bikin biolink, cobain deh ke Nyamannya sama kayak yang lain, tapi punya kelebihan sendiri. Pasti bakal enjoy! Jadi, yuk langsung cek di, oke?