Has The Spirit Of Stealing Been Unleashed On Our Kids This Christmas?


Has The Spirit Of Stealing Been Unleashed On Our Kids This Christmas?

Many are finding the AI-generated images of kids being chased with stolen food, especially chicken with regards this Christmas season very amusing, hence why it’s been trending of late, however that also illustrates how much the devil has blinded the eyes of many with his subtle tactics, that they can’t even see that it’s actually stealing they’re finding very funny, as though stealing was now something to joke about. Worse still, when little children were being depicted as the perpetrators.

And considering how easily and fast it is for our little children to imitate what they see others do, especially when it has to do with kids like themselves, it seems a deliberate plan of the enemy to activate the spirit of stealing in our children using the opportunity of the Christmas period.

It’s not a coincidence that this is also the most dangerous period of the year, where the most stealing and criminal activities were pepertrated by the adults, so it appears the plan is to also implant this bad habit into younger ones so as to entend this ugly trend well into our future generations.

So this is not something Christians should take lightly but be on their guards for their wards, because when the enemy via his LGBTQ+ crew said he was coming next for our children, it wasn’t a joke.

He actually meant it however we shouldn’t expect him to come in an obvious way, but in a cunning way which is more difficult to detect, considering how subtle he is in his applications and devices.

That’s why we should be very alert and pray for our children like we’ve never done before, especially in this Christmas season which also stands as the most dangerous time of the year, so that whatever the enemy devices against them, none shall by any means harm them.



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